Starting from this concept of solving these fundamental problems, ZIP then set out to find the most talented people, with on-the-ground experience in financial services, remittances, regulatory affairs, and incredible customer service – and then put them into one team, with a simple request to a complex issue:

FIX IT! And, well, they did!


The founders of ZIP Remit envision a company that overcomes the challenges of fast-access to funds, the ability to send funds across multiple platforms, different payout sources, and ultimately, the highest degree of flexibility at the lowest possible price for clients – globally.

ZIP Remit is a company backed by an incredibly talented, multinational team, with a product that enables fast-transfer of your money, wherever you want it to go.

ZIP works on a proprietary platform for movement of funds, which is safe, secure and cutting-edge, along with an industry leading processing system trusted by thousands of agents globally.

Based in Canada, ZIP found its roots in East Africa, the world’s last region without a complete and formalized financial system. Bringing these elements together into a strong Canada-based operation, enables ZIP overcome traditional operating challenges and work collaboratively and seamlessly with G7 regulators globally.